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Diamond Willow Katahdins offers quality Montana Katahdin lamb at competitive prices. The Katahdin breed is a woolless sheep bred for the sole purpose of efficiently producing meat. Unlike Katahdins, sheep with wool produce a wax called lanolin which adds a distinct odor, taste and greasiness to the lamb meat. Though many people taste no difference between the two, meat from Katahdin hair sheep often appeals to people who don’t normally eat lamb from wool sheep. Katahdin lambs produce a high quality, well-muscled carcass that is naturally lean and consistently offers a very mild flavor.

About us

We are a family business located in Central Montana. We strive to produce a tender, excellent product through humane and environmentally friendly practices.  

Latest News 

Waiting for mom.

June 19, 2017


This fawn was hidden in the tall grass when Ted started the swather in the field. We made sure it was out of the way and safe. Mom showed up later looking for her precious treasure. 

Bunny crop.

June 10, 2017


The bunny crop is excellent this year. We've counted at least 6 little fuzzy bunnies running around. They aren't afraid of people and they continue to elude the small dogs.  

Summer is coming!

April 19, 2016

Gus is looking forward to afternoons spent with his flock basking in the sunshine and cool green grass. 

Blue Ribbon Bunny

April 16, 2016


Our orphan officially has a name.  Blue Ribbon Bunny got her title via Disney's Sophia The First, who also has a blue ribbon bunny named Clover. Sophia's blue ribbon bunny is an actual bunny, while our Bunny is a sweet bottle baby with a blue marker on her back.   

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