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About Diamond Willow Katahdins

Welcome to our website.  We are the Gasvoda Family from Diamond Willow Ranch.  
Please take a few minutes to look around.  
Then, give us a call and let us know how we can serve you. 
Our Story

We've enjoyed raising Katahdin sheep on our Montana ranch since 2012 when we received a few ewes as a wedding gift from family. In 2013, our staff increased when we welcomed the best ranch-hand anyone could ask for when our daughter was born. We both have a family background in farming and ranching and Stacy received a bachelor of science degree in agribusiness and animal science from the College of the Ozarks. 


We are dedicated to giving lambs low-stress high-quality lives because we care about our flock, and it just makes good sense. Our animals enjoy beautiful irrigated pasture and homegrown hay. To ensure our customers receive a quality product, our lambs are grass-fed and finished on non-GMO grain-based diet here at the ranch, not in a feed-lot. The lambs are selected for harvest when they've reached their physical prime and our quality standards.     

Environment & Sustainability

Our lambs are raised sustainably and humanely in concert with the environment. A well-managed grazing program keeps both our sheep and pastures healthy and provides forage and hay and fresh clean water year-round.   

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