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Montana Katahdin Lamb

The Katahdin breed is a woolless sheep bred for the sole purpose of efficiently producing meat. Unlike Katahdins, sheep with wool produce a wax called lanolin which adds a distinct odor, taste and greasiness to the lamb meat. Though many people taste no difference between the two, meat from Katahdin hair sheep often appeals to people who don’t normally eat lamb from wool sheep. Katahdin lambs produce a high quality, well-muscled carcass that is naturally lean and consistently offers a very mild flavor.
Quality Montana Katahdin lamb – savor the difference.
Private Sales

You buy the lamb, we arrange for custom processing.  

We offer whole lamb or half lamb processing.  

Meat not to be resold. 

No out of state shipping. 

Business Sales or Out of State

We will arrange for USDA certified processing or ship to the processor of your choice. We strive to meet your regulatory needs or quality standards.  

Organic Montana grass-fed lambs.

No antibiotics or growth hormones.

Stress-free livestock handling.

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